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Hottest 2017 winter trends

The winter trends for the end of 2016 and start of 2017 are fresh and cool. Not two terms you would necessarily put with winter fashion, but it’s certainly possible, especially for all the smart shoppers out there. Some of the trends carry over from the recent fall and summer trends, so with a bit of canny combining, you can make your summer wardrobe winterproof!

These are some of the best items and looks for this winter, if you are ready to walk the streets runway-style, take a look and find your favourite!


Velvet everything! Velvet dresses, tops, pants, jackets and even headwear are all the rage at the moment. We saw some trickles of velvet garments this fall, but for the winter it will truly come loose.

Velvet is a lovely fabric, it is a woven fabric with even tufts sticking out. When stroking the fabric, you feel the “hairs” move in the stroking direction. The colour, or rather reflection of light, on the fabric also changes, which makes velvet a very versatile and fluid fabric. Another advantage of velvet is that the “hairs” function as an isolating layer and keep you warmer than the average cotton top. It’s winter, after all.

Velvet pants fashion deals trend
Velvet pants fashion deals trend

Leather skirt

To be honest, all leather or its synthetic equivalent PVC leather, is really fantastic for this winter. Not just coats and shoes, but dresses and tops too! We picked the leather skirt, because it is a distinctive addition to the winter trends. Any colour will do and any cut as well, but the leather skirt deserves special attention, for its wonderful options to mix and combine with other pieces of clothing.

Combine with an oversized bright sweater and low ankle boots for a great contemporary look with a wink to the nineties. Also, with a light blouse or long-sleeve top and blazer the leather skirt will make for a perfect office outfit!

Brown leather pencil skirt by Max Mara
Brown leather pencil skirt by Max Mara


Layers are always inevitable in winter. It’s cold outside, but in many buildings the heating is turned up high. For those moments it’s great to be able to remove a sweater or jacket and not have to long for the icy cold outside.

However, the most eye-catching layers combination of this winter is probably the shirt, dress and jeans one. A T-shirt with long or short sleeves can be put under a dress (preferably a spaghetti-strap one). A pretty groundbreaking fashion trend if you ask us. Even more so when you wear jeans underneath it, but that might still be a bridge too far for many.

Winter trend layers shirt under dress

Back to the eighties

Don’t be alarmed, although you may have thought we all agreed to leave the eighties where we left them. Just admit you were actually starting to miss those giant shoulder pads and toupeed hair! The best features of eighties fashion have made their way back into winter 2017, with off the shoulder dresses with giant pleats and shiny fabrics.

Also, animal prints take part in this revival. To be honest, they never really left us, especially the most beloved of animal prints: the leopard. But to be able to match these prints with things like leather or even shiny patent skirts, that just brings a whole new level to personal style!

More eighties fashion hits are tulle, fishnets and giant waste belts. Don’t shy away from ruffles (or an abundance of it) and one shoulder tops or dresses either!

Eighties trend winter 2017 Marc Jacobs
Eighties trend winter 2017 Marc Jacobs

Puffer jackets

Now for something truly wintery, puffer jackets! Remember looking like the Michelin man was definitely NOT a look you would go for? Well, now you would. Puffer jackets can be long or short, over the hip or ending over the waste, it’s all good. Even better when you can strike a deal on a puffer jacket with quilted stitching, another trend to make your eyes water this winter.

Best of all, these jackets are warm! It is one trick to look fashionable in cold weather, it’s another to actually not get cold and the puffer jacket guarantees both. Make it wild with funky colours and stitching, or keep it low to not overscream the rest of your carefully chosen winter trends ensemble.

Puffer jackets winter 2017 trend
Puffer jackets winter 2017 trend

Ankle cropped pants

These may well be a bit too cold for the area you’re living in, but that can be generously fixed by a pair of thick, warm and high socks! Otherwise, keep your ankles bare and show off the stylish loafers you’ve just bought in a fit of spring fever.

Not sure if you can handle the ankle crops? Try and wear your regular jeans with the pant legs rolled up until your ankles are just visible. An older trend we take over from last year’s spring and perfect to test your ankles’ resistance to cold and wind. Too cold? ust roll them down and wear a more casual jeans look that day.

Ankle cropped pants winter trend
Ankle cropped pants winter trend

Spaghetti strap dresses

We thought we would never see this trend from the nineties back again, but here they are. The spaghetti strap dresses, perfect to wear underneath a warm jacket or over a short- or longsleeved T-shirt! The latter is a definite winter trend, whereas the former carries over from fall and will probably remain here the whole of next year as well.

A perfect dress for New Year’s Eve and other dress-up gatherings this winter. It’s never been so easy to be fashionable in winter!

Spaghetti strap dress winter trends
Spaghetti strap dress winter trends

Off the shoulder

The off the shoulder winter trends rears its head in so many styles, from eighties to casual sweaters, worn with one shoulder bare. Then, there’s also the garments where both shoulders are bare. Then, the sleeves hang somewhere down the top of the arms. This is the important one, great for combining and looking fab at the same time! A jacket is easily thrown over and the bare shoulders are elegant, yet sexy.

Just make sure when you get your picture taken, it’s not only from the shoulders up, you don’t want it to seem as if you’re wearing nothing at all!

Off the shoulder winter trend