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Online store review: Twinkledeals

The world wide web is full of webshops where you can buy anything and everything. The most well-known webshops always do well, but their prices surely can’t be the best you can get out there. For these situations there are alternative online stores that are much more financially competitive. One of those stores is Twinkledeals, and it is entirely focused on men’s and women’s fashion.

Twinkledeals logo China webshop
Twinkledeals logo China webshop

Twinkledeals is an online store based in China, which operates as a middle man between the Chinese producer or seller and the worldwide customer. Their prices are very low, when viewed from the customer’s perspective. This is because many shackles in the chain between producer and customer are taken out, so the customer directly gets the best price.

Payment methods

The payment methods that Twinkledeals offers are Paypal, Mastercard and Visa. Unlike other large Chinese webshops, Paypal is available for payment. This is especially beneficial for European shoppers, who are used to using their bank’s debit card for payments. The use of a credit card such as Mastercard or Visa is much less integrated in European shopping culture.

Paypal offers the customer to link their bank account directly to their Paypal account or manually transfer money from their bank to their Paypal account, fast and easy. Of course, besides Paypal, Twinkledeals also offers main credit card companies Mastercard and Visa.

Twinkledeals neutral flowy printed class=

This lovely dress is great for formal and informal occasions alike. The neutral colour makes it a great piece to combine with other fashion items. The dress is easily ordered and will be shipped quickly, check your size carefully before ordering!

Warranty/return policy

Twinkledeals claims to have a Quality Control and Quality Assurance team that inspect every product before it ships to the customer and thus they guarantee their product quality.

Twinkledeals collage influencer fashion
Twinkledeals collage influencer fashion

If the product is not what you hoped for, Twinkledeals offers a thirty day warranty, in which the customer can contact Twinkledeals customer service. Then, a return shipping will be discussed and the customer will have a full refund of the product and original shipping costs. When the product never arrived at the customer, Twinkledeals will offer to resend the product.

Twinkledeals doesn’t allow returns and refunds when the customer ordered the wrong product, size or simply wants to exchange the item. The shipping costs for returning the product are at the customer’s own expense.

Customs duty and VAT

Twinkledeals collage men classy fashion
Twinkledeals collage men classy fashion

When you buy something from a country that is not your own (or your Union’s) it is possible for your nation’s customs department to check your package. The customs department checks to see if there are prohibited or restricted goods in the package and to confirm the description and value stated on the Customs Declaration is correct.

Finally, they will check to see if Customs Duty and/or Import VAT is chargeable. This is possible when the price of your product and shipping costs exceeds a certain amount, dependent on which country the package is sent to. Then, you will receive an invoice from the customs department with the due VAT and customs duty plus handling fee.

When ordering clothes from a Chinese webshop it is highly unlikely that customs will charge you extra. One reason is that the clothes you order are impossible to value for customs, any product that is not sold by a settled brand has no comparable value.

Twinkledeals collage daily look
Twinkledeals collage daily look